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We were very blessed with grandparents who lived well into their nineties and it was an enormous privilege to have had them as part of our family. It such a joy creating so many memories together.
Some special occasions were a source of anxiety for us due to the care they required. With our nursing experience, we naturally and instinctively took this role, which gave us all peace of mind.
Our families were very grateful but felt we were not able to fully particpate in these occassions. This got us thinking....
We realised how wonderful it would be to have a trusted person to care for them, caterering to their every need and treating them as a special and honoured guest.
Events Care was born.
Our trained staff have one goal in mind - to ensure everyone gets to enjoy these special occassions.
Packages are available for all types  of occasions.
These may include:
  • weddings
  • engagements
  • anniversaries
  • concerts
  • funerals
  • christenings
  • birthdays
  • appointments.                                      
Our beautiful grandmother, age 93 enjoying a family wedding.
We look forward to helping your loved one to attend any special occasion.
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