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Personalised nursing care for the

elderly at functions and events. 

Our Service

When celebrating life's milestones and achievements, it's about coming together - connecting and creating memories with everyone - both young and old.


Events Care truly understands this.


Do you want to invite and share that special occasion with your dearest, but feel it may be too difficult because they are suffering from ill health, a disability, or they don't want to be a burden?


Events Care offers boutique service for anyone requiring that special, personalised attention so they may share in the joy of the occasion with you.


Our care is client-focussed to their specific needs. Every detail is taken care of:

  • one on one support provided by trained staff

  • our staff assist with mobility, meals and personal hygeine needs

  • precribed medications administered by a Registered Nurse

  • arrangements can be made for additional specialised nursing care

  • transportation options are available


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Capturing the moments of today that will become our memories of tomorrow

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